CPSD6 Talented & Gifted Program


The district Talented and Gifted program strives to nurture gifted students in developing their abilities in order to realize their full potential through challenging curriculum and authentic learning activities.


Central Point School District 6 is committed to an educational program that recognizes the unique diversity of the students we serve, identifies their needs and talents, and provides appropriate instructional services to create educational opportunities for all students, including those identified as Talented and Gifted. 

Gifted and talented students are those students who demonstrate exceptional capabilities that require services beyond the scope of the regular classroom curriculum. Gifted students…

  • are individuals with unique patterns of abilities and interests.
  • benefit from intellectual stimulation and collaboration  with peers with similar abilities and interests.
  • are challenged through differentiated curriculum and instruction designed to meet the level and rate of learning.
  • may need support and guidance to address their unique, academic, social, and emotional needs.
  • benefit from access to future college and career opportunities.

CPSD6 District Talented & Gifted Plan

Talented and Gifted (TAG) students are an important part of every school community across Oregon. In Oregon, districts and schools must plan for how they will meet the academic and social-emotional needs of TAG students, specific to their local context, and communicate these plans to the students and families they serve.

District-level Talented and Gifted Education Plans serve as an integral communication tool to district educators, families, and community partners. Districts are required to submit their TAG plans to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) every year, provide copies upon request to schools within their district, and post a copy on their district website. (OAR 581-022-2500 (2)(a)(A))

Oregon laws that govern Talented and Gifted Education include both Oregon Revised Statutes (Oregon laws passed by the State Legislature, abbreviated as ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (requirements that are adopted by the State Board of Education to support Oregon Revised Statutes, abbreviated as OAR). Statutes provide legal definitions and broad guidelines specific to gifted education. The Oregon Administrative Rules outline the specific requirements districts implement to meet the minimum standards for identification, parents rights, and programs and services. Specific statutes and OARs are referenced throughout this TAG plan.

Central Point School District’s TAG program identifies students who are intellectually gifted and/or academically talented in reading and math, as demonstrated by standardized tests, teacher and parent rating scales, anecdotal information, and work samples, as well as through additional screening.

Click here for CPSD6 District TAG Plan (updated May 2023)


Contact Information for District and School TAG Personnel Name of Contact Email Address Phone Number
District TAG Coordinator/Administrator Christine Beck christine.beck@district6.org 541-494-6224
Person responsible for updating contact information annually on your district website Christine Beck christine.beck@district6.org 541-494-6224
Person responsible for updating contact information annually on the Department Christine Beck christine.beck@district6.org 541-494-6224
Person responsible for sending copies of the district-level TAG plans to building-level personnel (TAG coordinators, principals, etc.) Christine Beck christine.beck@district6.org 541-494-6224
TAG contact for Crater Renaissance Academy  Brittnee Zwirn brittnee.zwirn@district6.org 541-494-6300
TAG contact for Crater Academy of Health and Public Service Karilu James karilu.james@district6.org 541-494-6300
TAG contact for Crater School of Business Kristen Sullivan kristen.sullivan@district6.org 541-494-6300
TAG contact for Scenic Middle School Ellie Meisner- Smith ellie.smith@district6.org 541-494-6400
TAG contact for Hanby Middle School Taren Hayes taren.hayes@district6.org 541-494-6800
TAG contact for Central Point Elementary Jason Kuhlman jason.kuhlman@district6.org 541-494-6500
TAG contact for Jewett Elementary TBA tba.tba@district6.org 541-494-6600
TAG contact for Mae Richardson Elementary Sid Rambo sid.rambo@district6.org 541-494-6700
TAG contact for Patrick Elementary Dawn Wiley dawn.wiley@district6.org 541-494-6840
TAG contact for Sams Valley Elementary School Shannon Qualls shannon.qualls@district6.org 541-494-6870
TAG Contact for Rogue Primary School  Maggie Staley maggie.staley@district6.org 541-494-6570

Policies for Talented and Gifted in CPSD6