When entering kindergarten, students and their families in District 6 have several choices.  The “traditional choice” is to attend your neighborhood school based on your home address.  To do so, families and students will register for school online beginning in the spring before their kindergarten year.

If you do not currently reside in D6’s attendance area boundaries, please review the relevant transfer information which can be found here.

Click the interactive image below:

If families would like to attend a programs of choice described above, families must submit an additional enrollment request form, either online or in person. More details and enrollment applications can be found below.

The application period for all D6 schools and programs of choice is as follows:

-Application opens on January 3 for Rogue Primary School and March 1 for the Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program and the CAMP Program.

-Application closes on May 19.

-Lottery takes place on May 20.

-Classes / cohorts are posted on May 20.

*Depending on staffing, space and cohort makeup, additional applications may be considered post-lottery.


Principal: Maggie Staley
Enrollment: up to 300 students                   Grade levels: K-2
Information Session: TBA                            Location: Rogue Primary School – Central Point

About Program:
Rogue Primary is a play-based K-2 public school in the Central Point School District. Our school places play at the heart of education. We are focused on providing an experience for our youngest learners that is full of joy, curiosity, and choice. We believe that school should be joyful, socially interactive, meaningful, actively engaging, and full of trial and error. We place a strong emphasis on practices that are developmentally appropriate and supportive of all learners.

Finding a good fit: Rogue Primary is a good fit for families who want a school with a close-knit community. Families who prioritize following student interest and choice will feel right at home.

Contact: 541-494-6570;

Rogue Primary Website


Coordinator: Tess Siemer
Enrollment: 44 kindergarten families added annually                   Grade levels: K-12
Information Session: TBA                                                              


  • Jewett Elementary School – Central Point
  • Hanby Middle School – Gold Hill
  • Crater High School – Central Point

About Program:

The Two-Way Spanish Immersion (TWI) program is a K-12 program which graduates bilingual, biliterate students who love learning, exploring, getting outdoors, and making meaning! Class communities within the TWI program are comprised of 50% native Spanish speakers and 50% native English speakers. TWI students receive a majority of their instruction in Spanish in the primary grades with the percentage of instruction in Spanish reducing annually until the intermediate grades when instruction are balanced equally between the two languages. Students participating in this program develop a high level of proficiency in both their native language and their second language.

Finding a good fit: The Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program is a good fit for families who embrace the bilingual and bicultural nature of the program. In additional to bilingualism, families looking for outdoor exploration, applied learning, a small and consistent learning community, and a diverse student makeup will feel right at home.

Contact: 541-494-6226;

Two-Way Spanish Immersion Website

Crater Academy Magnet Program (C.A.M.P.)

Coordinator: Scott Dippel
Enrollment: 10 kindergarten families added annually                   Grade levels: K-8
Information Session: TBA                                                               Locations: Hanby Middle School – Gold Hill

About Program:

The Comet Academy Magnet Program is a public, magnet school serving students in kindergarten through 8th grade in Central Point School District #6. CAMP is a “school within a school” model located at Hanby Middle School in beautiful Gold Hill, Oregon.

The Comet Academy Magnet Program believes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to education. Students come to school from diverse backgrounds and learn in different ways and at different paces from one another.This program provides District 6 students with an educational experience that centers on Project-based Learning, 21st Century Skills and Multi-age Classrooms; while sharing administrative staff, academic spaces and extracurricular opportunities with Hanby Middle School.


Finding a good fit: The Crater Academy Magnet Program is a good fit for families who don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to education. Families wishing for multiage groupings and hands-on-learning will feel right at home.

 Contact: 541-494-6800;

CAMP Website