At Central Point School District, we encourage our families and community members to support our students by volunteering. There are a variety of ways to serve as a volunteer. Examples of volunteer opportunities are field trips, fundraisers, chaperoning dances, helping in classrooms or coaching. Please call your school’s office to inquire if you are interested in volunteering. Regardless of how much time you have or how many students you serve, the impact is significant! 

If you are interested in volunteering in the schools, please read the following guidelines. These procedures will help us to provide a safe and secure volunteering experience at our schools. We appreciate your support in following them. 


  1.  Fill out the online application and pass a background check. For the safety of our students, all volunteers are required to fill out an application and pass a criminal background check before they become a volunteer with Central Point School District. The information you provide in your application will allow us to conduct a criminal background check. It can take up to two weeks for your application to be approved.  Your volunteer status is good for two years, at which time you will need to renew it by filling out a new application. We will also run another background check.
  2. Provide proof of vaccination status, or religious or medical exception documentation to the district. You will be asked to complete a vaccination verification during the application process. This will consist of an upload of your current vaccination card, or submittal of an approved OHA Exception form. You can download and submit a medical exception form or a religious exception form to your school office.
  3. Check your email for approval status. Once the steps above are completed, you will be notified via email if you have been approved. Please check your spam folder just in case. You should then notify the school so that they can work with you on when you will be needed, etc.


The Central Point School District welcomes visitors and volunteers! As per Oregon rule, our volunteers must provide proof of vaccination status, or religious or medical exception documentation to the district. Documentation will be kept in a secure location and shared only with select staff who manage this process at the school where you wish to volunteer.

Short-term visitors (ex. dropping off or picking up students, spectators, conferences) or individuals making deliveries do not need to submit proof of vaccination or exception. Parents or other family members that volunteer in the school or school-based program are subject to the rule and are required to comply.

*If you have students attending more than one school, you will not need to complete this process more than once.

**Districts that grant medical or religious exceptions are required to take “reasonable steps to ensure that unvaccinated teachers, school staff and volunteers are protected from contracting and spreading COVID-19.” At Central Point School District, volunteers with an exception should self-screen at home

For more information on the vaccine mandate, see this FAQ sheet.