Percentage of total local city populations achieving a bachelors degree or higher. Cities were referenced from the 2017 version of City-Data.com and the state from the 2019 American Community Survey.


Ashland – 58.5%
Central Point 19.4%
Gold Hill 21.1%
Eagle Point – 18.6%
Grants Pass – 16.1%
Medford – 22.9%
Oregon – 33%


From Gallup Student Poll: The Gallup Student Poll, with nearly 4 million total completes to date, is designed to aid educators in providing a more focused education  — one that builds engagement, creates hope for the future, fosters talent and prepares students to participate meaningfully in our nation’s economy by finding or creating a good job. The items on the Gallup Student Poll measure and provide actionable data on dimensions of student success including:

Engagement – the involvement in and enthusiasm for school

Hope – the ideas and energy students have for the future

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