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Budget Committee

Function of the Budget Committee

It is the function of the Budget Committee to approve budget estimates for an educational plan previously determined by the Board. No new program should be considered for the budget estimate that has not previously been submitted to the Board and approved as a part of the educational plan. The budget committee will determine levels of spending, but will not determine programs.

The district’s budget committee shall hold one or more meetings to receive the budget message, the budget document and to provide members of the public with an opportunity to ask questions about and comment on the budget document. A majority of the constituted committee is required for passing an action item. All meetings of the budget committee are open to the public.

The budget committee will approve an estimated district budget document for submission to the Board in June.

Budget Meetings

First Budget Meeting
May 6, 2024
District Office
5:30 PM

Budget Meeting

May 20, 2024
District Office
5:30 PM

Budget Hearing
June 4, 2024
District Office
6:15 PM

Jason Lukaszewicz
Position 1
970 N Mountain Ave
Central Point, OR  97502
Term Expires 2025

Richard Simpson
Position 2
929 Buck Point St
Central Point, OR  97502
Term Expires 2025

Sommer Bury
Position 3
10180 Wheeler Rd
Central Point, OR  97502
Term Expires 2025

Jason Allen
Position 4
3621 Beagle Rd
White City, OR  97503
Term Expires 2026

Jennifer Boardman
Position 5
613 Glenn Way
Central Point, OR  97502
Term Expires 2024