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Atlas Curriculum Mapping

Atlas Sign-In Instructions

What is the purpose of Curriculum Mapping?

The purpose of curriculum mapping is and always has been to support and improve student achievement. Curriculum mapping improves instruction by clearly identifying instructional activities aligned to learning outcomes and benchmark levels within units of instruction. Maps address the total education of the students in a school building.

Curriculum maps cover a wide range of important curricular activities. Maps identify:

  • Core content, educational activities, interventions, best practices and assessments used in the curriculum.
  • Gaps and repetition throughout a series of lessons, allowing teachers to become more aware of what their students have already learned and what skills must still be taught.
  • Instructional activities and lessons that cross-over into other content areas. Therefore, allowing science teachers to see where their curriculum coordinates with the math department’s objectives, as well as English teachers coordinating learning outcomes with History teachers’ projects.

Electronic Maps provide:

  • Teachers with consistent data and instructional resources that are directly connected to student achievement.
  • Grade-level teams, individual teachers and/or PLC’s to identify the areas of strength within a unit of instruction and areas of need based on a unit’s pacing, alignment of standards and student assessment data.
  • Teachers’ access to cross-curricular learning outcomes, instructional activities and assessments in a 21st Century, digital format.

Teachers currently map curriculum using  hard-copy templates, notebooks, word documents, etc. The next step is to organize existing information in a secure (password protected), web-based resource, such as Atlas. Moving to a web-based program allows us to improve instruction by supporting PLC’s and making instructional practice public. It’s how we communicate what we do.

What is Atlas?

  • A web-based, 21st Century tool, resource or vehicle to map curricular activities electronically.
  • A resource that is used by grade level teams, PLCs and/or individual teachers to coordinate student learning outcomes, curricular activities, interventions, and assessments, for students  K-12 in School District 6.
  • To provide staff with an electronic resource that is designed to support student achievement and provide consistent, up-to-date information for teachers when planning and organizing curriculum.
  • A resource for PLC’s to be used school-year to school-year, for the purpose of supporting best instructional practices that directly impact students in School District 6.

District 6 and the School Board are committed to the Curriculum Mapping Initiative. The program Atlas, has been in use K-5 in School District 6 the previous two school years (2009-2011). This school year, Grade-level teams and/or PLC’s have begun the process of reflecting on core content, unit pacing, organization and assessments for the purpose of supporting student achievement.