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Health & Counseling Services

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Central Point School District 6 Health Services is committed to creating a school community which promotes the development of lifelong wellness practices and support learning. Our district has two full-time nurses who serve as a liaison between the medical community and the academic setting. They provide expert clinical consultation to best accommodate students with health-related
barriers to education and help students with chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and seizures, allowing them to stay in class and much, much more. Check out our CPSD6 Nurses' qualifications and responsibilities HERE.

CPSD6 partners with LaClinica to provide School-Based Health Centers in all of our schools. School-based health centers (SBHC) are family-centered, community-based clinics run within schools. These clinics provide expanded health services, including mental health and dental care, as well as the more traditional health care services like primary care. LaClinica bills insurance and has an income based sliding scale for families. Check them out HERE.

If your student has a behavioral or mental health concern, contact your school office to be directed to the correct resource.

Each school in our district has a Student Wellness Specialist (SWS) on site. The role of the SWS is to enhance the school climate by providing support for students who have barriers that make growth and achievement difficult. The primary role of the SWS is to work with individuals or groups of students in social skills development or to provide resources to support struggling students and families in CPSD6.