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Curriculum Adoption Process

Central Point School District 6 curriculum offers diversified and vigorous instructional programs that create a vibrant learning atmosphere for our students. Our schools provide a variety of programs and people in place to help teachers integrate the district's curriculum into their classroom activities in meaningful ways. Principals work closely with teachers, align curriculum, review instructional materials, research innovative teaching strategies, design student assessment, integrate technology and help teachers meet the diverse needs of all students.

Oregon law grants districts the authority to develop their own curricula, provided that it is based on academic content standards. These standards define what all students should know and be able to do. Curriculum and instruction designed around these standards are designed to allow all students to be successful. In addition to teacher autonomy, CPSD6 has also adopted core curriculum that is available for teachers to use.

What is core curriculum?

Core curriculum, for all intent and purposes, includes everything taught in the classroom (explicitly, and indirectly) using common textbooks and other materials for support for the same level and subject area. Basic subjects such as mathematics, English, and science provide a strong base for further academic or professional pursuits. reduces disparities by providing equal opportunities for learning. thinking skills.

What are instructional standards?
Instructional standards are guidelines for what a student should be able to know and do in a particular subject area.