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District Statistics

This page provides a common set of statistics to the community, School Board and Central Point School District staff. This information​ is used for administrative decision making and grant writing, among other uses. It presents current data by indicator, as well as historical information.​ As Federal and State regulations change, indicators may change. You will find additional district and school level data on student achievement and other student and staff outcomes Here. Click on links below to view school level and historical data.

School Report Card Information:  Our Student

  • 4,713 Students (49% M​ale, 51% Female​​)
  • 64% Regular School Attenders - students who attended 90% of enrolled days
  • 79% of our 9th Graders were on-track to Graduate 
  • 79% of our Students Graduated in Four Years
  • 86% of those who did not Graduate in Four Years, Graduated in Five
  • 16% Students with Disabilities​​

  • 8% Ever English Learners​​ -  all students ever classified as an English learner 
  • 27% Stud​​​​ents of Color
  • 2% Talented and Gifted (TAG)
  • 81% Qualify for Free or Reduced 
  • 13% Student Mobility
  • 8% Homeless students
  • 13 languages spoken

Local Demographics for College Completion

Percentage of total local city populations achieving a bachelor's degree or higher. Cities were referenced from the 2017 version of and the state from the 2019 American Community Survey.

Ashland – 58.5%
Central Point 19.4%
Gold Hill 21.1%
Eagle Point – 18.6%
Grants Pass – 16.1%
Medford – 22.9%
Oregon – 33%


Gallup Poll

From Gallup Student Poll: The Gallup Student Poll, with nearly 4 million total completes to date, is designed to aid educators in providing a more focused education  — one that builds engagement, creates hope for the future, fosters talent and prepares students to participate meaningfully in our nation’s economy by finding or creating a good job. The items on the Gallup Student Poll measure and provide actionable data on dimensions of student success including:

Engagement – the involvement in and enthusiasm for school

Hope – the ideas and energy students have for the future

 Click here to see results for Central Point School District 2019

Click here to see results for Central Point School District 2018


Our Employees (2022-2023)

  • 702 Total District Employees 
  • ​197 Teachers
  • 133 Educational Assistants
  • 4 Counselors
  • 4 Psychologists
  • 77% of licensed teachers have more than 3 years of experience  
  • 18 Administrat​ors