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Specialized Programs

Some students may require a higher level of support through one of our district specialized programs. These programs are located in buildings throughout the district, but not every building has every program located within it. Some students may require transportation to a different building if they have a placement in a specialized program that is not at their neighborhood school.

Specialized programs provide services to students who exhibit unique needs that impede their progress on IEP goals and cannot be addressed in the Resource Room setting through modifications or accommodations. The inclusion of students in the general education setting is facilitated for students based on the student’s IEP.

Services provided by Specialized Programs may include :

  • Increased adult to student ratio

  • Classroom and individual visual supports

  • Individual behavioral and social supports

  • Carefully planned schedules and transitions

  • Modified curriculum and grading as needed for individual students

  • Specially trained classified staff

  • Structured classroom setting

  • Opportunities for inclusion with typical peers

Your child's placement is determined by the IEP team and the specific services and goals outlined in the IEP.  Not all placements are appropriate considerations for every student.