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Social Media Code of Conduct

All users of District and school social media accounts are expected to follow these rules.

Code of Conduct

This site welcomes your comments and the expression of opinion, and we respect your right to disagree. That said, we are counting on you to follow some basic rules on our account:

  • No abusive, obscene or vulgar language or postings. This includes remarks that are threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, profane or sexually explicit. All such posts will be deleted.
  • We will delete posts that violate the privacy of individuals.
  • We will delete off-topic posts. Comments made in a thread must be related to the original post.  We will delete comments that are posted repeatedly, whether they are in the same thread, multiple threads or multiple posts.
  • We check messages frequently and will do our best to respond quickly by forwarding your issue to the appropriate district leader(s).
  • Please cite your sources as appropriate.

With limited staff, please note that there should be no expectation that we will respond to your comments, questions and private messages outside of normal Central Point School District operating hours. Messages are not checked on weekends or school breaks. The Central Point School District does not sponsor or endorse any content posted on this social media account by third party users.
Legal Disclaimer:
The District makes every reasonable effort to ensure that its social media pages contain only content appropriate to serve its mission of educating students. However, the nature of social media sites presents third parties with the opportunity to post content over which the District has no control and that may be offensive, inappropriate and/or in violation of the District’s policies and regulations. Once identified, such content will be removed as promptly as circumstances allow.

Updated: January 18, 2024
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