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Human Resources

Human Resources


Central Point School District 6 is an equal opportunity employer, and in accordance with Federal and State legislation, including Title IX, ORS 659.150, does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability or marital status in employment or educational programs.

The Central Point School District team is composed of extraordinary people! Our employees are the single greatest factor in the success of our students. No matter the position, they play a key role in the education of our students, and we are proud of the work that they do to ensure each and every student acquires the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary to confidently navigate the opportunities and challenges of a complex world.

Our Human Resources Department is committed to recruiting, hiring, and supporting a dynamic, competent and efficient staff dedicated to the continual improvement of their professional practice. We are seeking skilled, committed employees who are willing to work as part of a school team to assist our students to reach their individual potential as productive, responsible participants in society.

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Meet the Team...

Tom Rambo, Director of Human Resources

Tom Rambo

Director of Human
Title IX Coordinator
Civil Rights Coordinator


Corrie Bailey is CPSD6's Human Resource Specialist

Corrie Bailey

Human Resource


Joni Rasor, Benefits Specialist

Joni Rasor

Benefits Specialist


Carolyn Hill Program Secretary

Carolyn Hill

​​​Program Support Secretary


Juli Weiss 

Leave Manager 



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