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Counseling Services

Central Point School District 6's counseling program focuses on whole student wellness so that every student will "level-up" and engage in rigorous learning and build the skills necessary to develop their full potential.

Counseling Programs

Professional School Counselors are available to all students and families and are an integral part of the school experience. Our district Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides services to all students in the following areas to support student development and academic excellence:

INDIVIDUAL PLANNING: School counselors guide, monitor, and assist students and their families to meet their educational, career, personal, social and post secondary goals. Through a variety of resources, individual planning or small focus groups are used to assist with the implementation of personalized planning.

RESPONSIVE SERVICES: Responsive services may be preventive, remedial, or crisis in nature. School counselors support students and respond effectively to offer services to address their immediate needs through individual counseling, small group, consultation, or a referral to services outside the school or district.

SYSTEM SUPPORT: System Support is the foundation of the comprehensive school counseling program. This includes program management as well as assessing student and campus data to identify and coordinate resources and activities on campus that indirectly benefit students. School counselors assess and ensure the delivery of a high quality school counseling program.

Parents are encouraged to call the counselor for information or assistance on any matter concerning a student.

Counseling Services

Counseling Resources