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Our LGBQTSIA Grant provides strategies to work toward addressing educational and mental health needs of LGBTQ2SIA+ Students. The plan addresses:
• specific LGBTQ2SIA+ youth experiences;
• a research review and state policy challenges; and
• a summary of three interdependent levels of recommendations: individual intention and impact, institutional policies and facilities, and state accountability and support systems.

Domain 1: Individual Intentions & Impact
● Supportive Educators
          ○ Professional development
          ○ Social, Emotional Support for staff
          ○ Teacher preparation programs
          ○ Inclusive teaching practices

● Supportive Peers
● Supportive Families

Domain 2: Institutional Policies and Facilities
● Safer Affirming Spaces
          ○ Facilities and activities (K-12 & higher ed)
          ○ Access to mental health supports
          ○ Increase visible LGBTQ2SIA+ support
          ○ Anti-discrimination & anti-bullying policies

● Inclusive and Affirming Curriculum

Domain 3: State Accountability and Support Systems
● Create School Climate Survey for Students, Educators, and Administrators (ODE & OHA)
          ○ All districts participate in the survey
● ODE Capacity to Support Districts & Families
● Cross-Agency Collaboration