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Bilingual Pathways

The K-12 Biliteracy Pathways Grant is intended to support Oregon public school districts or public charter schools to develop and implement model dual language programs and K-12 biliteracy pathways. This includes improving existing K-12 two-way immersion language programs, as well as expanding well-implemented elementary programs into middle and high school.

The Central Point School District provides the Two-Way Immersion program at 3 schools, Jewett Elementary School, Hanby Middle School, and Crater Renaissance Academy. We have 12 elementary school teachers, 3 middle school teachers and 1 high school teacher. Our program serves 362 students.

This grant funds professional development for our TWI teachers. We have used it for GLAD Training for 7 teachers which focuses on teaching language learning strategies,  OWL training for 12 teachers which teacher engagement and questioning strategies for language learners, and a course provided by EDNW focused on the fundamentals of DL/TWI programs.

Meet the Team...

Christine Beck Director of Education

Christine Beck
Director of Education


Charissa Spranger
Jewett Elementary

Katrina Kay, Bi-lingual TOSA

Katrina Kay
Bilingual TOSA