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State Grants

Central Point School District 6 receives state grant funding from the Oregon Department of Education. Through these supplemental support services, our schools can continue to provide their students with the essential skills needed to experience academic, socio-emotional, and behavioral success.

Bilingual Pathways
support school districts to develop and implement model dual language programs and K-12 biliteracy pathways


Bridge to Outdoor School
Ensures equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion (EDAI), centered outdoor school participation


Early Literacy Success Initiative Grant (ELSI)
Provides professional development & coaching, extended learning programs, and adoption and implementation of research-aligned literacy strategies


Integrated Plan
Aligns strategies to provide better outcomes for students from six initiatives:
High School Success (HSS),
Student Investment Account (SIA),
Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP),
Career & Technical Education (CTE/Perkins),
Every Day Matters (EDM),
and, Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (EIIS)

provides strategies to work toward addressing educational and mental health needs of LGBTQ2SIA+ students


Measure 99
Outdoor School
is an opportunity for students to move from their school classrooms into the outdoors to learn, immersed in nature--learning about soil, water, plants and animals, as well as natural sciences specific to the local community &  economy

Secondary Career Pathway
increases the number and diversity of students who earn three or more credits in a high quality CTE program that is a pathway to high wage and in-demand jobs