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Title VI: Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education

Title VI details the national expectations to provide a quality education for American Indian, Alaska and Hawaiian Native students.

There are federal grant programs to:

  1. support the efforts of local educational agencies to meet the culturally related educational needs of native students so such students can meet academic standards;
  2. ensure that students gain knowledge and understanding of Native communities, languages, tribal histories, traditions and cultures, and
  3. to ensure that school staff who serve native students have the ability to provide culturally appropriate and effective instruction.

The Central Point School District is part of a consortium led by the Southern Oregon Education District (SOESD). For more information on the services available, please contact 541.245.4619 or

Meet the Team...

Christine Beck, Director of Education

Christine Beck
Director of Education

Nanette Thompson

Nanette Thompson
Program & Curriculum TOSA