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Childcare for Micro Schools

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

D6 has partnered with the YMCA and Kid-Time to offer childcare in a micro-school setting to our families; check out these fliers for more information.  If you need childcare and cannot afford to pay, or want to know more about reduced costs, please contact Amy Shipley amy.shipley@district6.org or 541-494-6202. 

YMCA D6 Campus Connection (English)

YMCA D6 Campus Connection (Spanish)

Kid Time Learning Lab (English)

Kid Time Learning Lab (Spanish)

COVID-19 –Update on March 12, 2020, 1:30 pm

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

The state of Oregon has implemented new rules designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and District 6 is aligning our school operations to meet these new requirements.  Advice from the Governor, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education is for schools to remain open.   However, District 6 will cancel or limit all non-essential meetings, events and activities.  General guidelines for these changes in operations are noted in the table below—these will be updated as the situation changes, or we receive additional guidance from the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon School Athletics and Activities Association (OSAA) .

Schools specific and event specific information can be found here.

School Schedules Open ODE
IEP Meetings Canceled or Completed on-line or via phone D6
Previously scheduled parent conferences Canceled or completed via on-line or via phone D6
March 20th Parent Conferences Canceled D6
PTO/PTA Canceled D6
Junior Comets Canceled D6
Crater/Scenic and Hanby sports and activities PENDING OSAA Outdoor practices and activities without spectators and where “social distance” can be maintained will continue until we receive further notice from OSAA or ODE.
Field Trips Canceled ODE, D6 Transportation to and from field trips, even “in district” is considered non-essential.
School plays, choral events and other evening or afterschool events. Canceled ODE, D6

Notes:  The status of activities, including school schedules, will be assessed daily.  At this point, canceled events, meetings and functions will be reassessed on April 1st.

District 6 schools’ staff will meet on March 20 to plan and develop remote learning options so that access to learning can be assured for students in the event of absences and closure.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we all work through this together.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at samantha.steele@district6.org or 541-840-5644.

COVID-19 Update on March 12 2020_Spanish

Security Update for Crater High School

Thursday, February 13th, 2020


Last night, school officials and law enforcement were made aware of an anonymous and generalized threat to Crater High School, posted on social media.   The Central Point Police Department and school district administrators have investigated the social media post and determined that the post does not represent an immediate or continuing threat to student or staff safety.   CPPD and D6 administrators will continue to work together to further assure the safety of our students and staff, including an increased police presence on campus today.  Crater is open and operating on a normal schedule today.

The safety and security of every student and staff member is our district’s primary concern and every threat, credible or not, is taken seriously and investigated.  If you have specific information about a threat to school safety, please contact me, your school principal or law enforcement.

Samantha Steele,
541-840-5644 (cell)

Sams Valley Elementary Update

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Late this afternoon, we started having some issues with our pump on our well. Maintenance worked diligently throughout the night and determined at 8:00 PM that the pump needs to be replaced. I have been assured that the well will be fully functional by Thursday.

This will leave us needing to function for part or all of the school day tomorrow without the well, but we will have water. While it will be slightly disruptive to some of our normal routine, there will be very little change to the classroom environment. We believe that attendance at school is vital for student learning and the staff is committed to minimizing any interference with the normal schedule. Besides drinking from water bottles, washing their hands at hand sanitizing stations, and possibly using portable toilets, students will have a normal day at school.

Our storage tank is currently partially full (and filling at a very, very, slow rate overnight) and in the event it runs dry we will have 12 portable restrooms and multiple hand sanitizing stations delivered in the morning. Bottled water will be available for staff and students and the food service staff will be able to bring in water to serve both breakfast and lunch.

As always, we believe you know your child best, so please proceed as you feel comfortable. If you feel it’s best to keep your child home, we respect your decision. If you feel like your child can handle these accommodations, than we would love to see them here in the morning! For those children that still attend tomorrow, they are welcome to bring their own water bottles, but please know we will have bottled water available for them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office at 541-494-6870.

School Safety Survey for SVE

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

If you received the following email with the subject “Important–Please Read”, please know that his is a legitimate email from Sams Valley Elementary.  We apologize for the confusion regarding this being sent out.  Here’s the body of that email:

“In an effort to improve school safety and to gather some important information that did not happen with our new online registration, please fill out this quick Google form:  https://forms.gle/fmWtJQ38mn2DtSJT9

I apologize that this form was not included as part of the registration process. However, this form will help us know how your child is getting home each day and will help us ensure that your child is safe while under our care.  It is very important and will only take a couple of minutes.  We need this information as soon as possible.  Thanks!”

Thank you.





Air quality and outdoor student activity, school closure or delay

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Currently, schools in District 6 will open on Tuesday, as scheduled. School closures or delays resulting from air quality issues will be handled like severe weather delays and closures. School officials will monitor the Air Quality Index and weather to consider school closure or delay should conditions be deemed unsafe. Any decisions about closure or delay will be made by 6:00 am on school days (at the very latest) and posted on the District 6 website and Facebook page. Staff will be notified via email.

The Department of Environmental Quality has consistently categorized the air quality in the Rogue Valley as “unhealthy” (although there have been a few, brief windows of relief) and today the Air Quality Index has reached “Very Unhealthy” levels for much of the valley. The proximity, intensity and size of surrounding wildfires, combined with our typical summer weather conditions, suggest that the valley will face smoky conditions for at least a few weeks.

All children are designated “sensitive populations” and during “Unhealthy” and worse conditions, should limit activity in smoky conditions. School officials are closely monitoring the air quality conditions and use the DEQ’s index to make decisions about outdoor activity, along with specific guidance from the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) for secondary athletics and activities, and the Oregon Health Department for outdoor school activities (recess, PE and other activities).

Use the following links for specific information: http://www.deq.state.or.us/aqi/, Oregon Health Department Guidelines, OSAA Guidance, EPA Guidelines for Schools.

While it’s easy to limit outdoor activities, conditions indoors also pose some risk to children and adults. The majority of our buildings are quite old and not equipped with air conditioning. However, even air-conditioned spaces provide little protection from the outdoor air quality. Air handlers utilize outside air for cooling and the filtration system in typical air conditioning systems does not filter out all hazardous particles. Only chambered entrances combined with air purification systems (found in buildings like hospitals and some homes) offer significant insulation from poor outdoor air quality. Further, simply opening and closing exterior doors (something that happens consistently through the school day) exposes interior, air-conditioned spaces directly to outdoor air conditions.

Any student who is sensitive to outdoor air conditions will be allowed to remain indoors for recess, PE or other activities. School staff, including principals, teachers, and classified staff are aware that some students may be extra sensitive to the smoke.

Finally, parents will ultimately make decisions about their child’s exposure to smoky outdoor air. If your child is particularly sensitive to the smoky air or has a medical condition that requires limited exposure, you may choose not to send your child to school. If this is the case, please contact your school; arrangements can be made for your child to receive assignments at home.

Even as the smoky air poses a challenge for opening week, District 6 schools and staff are prepared and excited to welcome your children to the 2017-18 school year.

Budget Committee Vacancy

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

School District #6 is presently in the process of accepting applications for the District #6 Budget Committee. We have one position open at this time.

This committee convenes primarily in May to analyze budget requests and make appropriate recommendations.  An applicant must be a registered voter and have lived in School District #6 for a minimum of one year.

Budget Committee members are selected by the Board of Directors from a pool of available applicants.  Term of office is three years.

Applications are available at the Central Point Administration Office (300 Ash Street) or by clicking on the link below.  Completed applications should be returned to Amy Shipley, District Administration Office. This position will remain open until filled.


District 6 New Email

Monday, July 27th, 2015

District Staff

It is now official, we have migrated off of Gmail and onto Microsoft Exchange. What does that mean? What that means is that Gmail is no longer available for staff. Don’t worry, all of your emails have been migrated over to the new mail server and can be viewed using any web browser (mail.district6.org), smart phone or using Outlook. Please click on one of the HOW-TO’s for setting up your devices.

Outlook 2013 Setup

Outlook Android Setup

Outlook iPhone Default Mail Setup

Outlook iPhone Outlook Mail Setup

Late Start / Early Release

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

The Central Point School District will continue on a one-hour late start/early release schedule on Wednesdays during the 2016-2017 school year for the purpose of teacher collaboration time.  Elementary schools (Central Point Elementary, Mae Richardson Elementary, Patrick Elementary, Jewett Elementary and Sams Valley Elementary) will release one hour earlier than regular dismissal time every Wednesday.  Scenic Middle School, Hanby Middle School, Crater Renaissance Academy, Crater School of Business Innovation and Science and Crater Academy of Health and Public Service will start one hour later than regular start times on Wednesdays.

Research provides a strong rationale for regular collaboration time that allows teachers to engage in data analysis and instructional planning to meet the needs of all learners.  Further, our schools are tasked with implementing the Common Core Curriculum Standards and preparing for a new statewide assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment).  District 6 schools have made significant gains in student achievement over the past seven years, even during times of budget reductions, and that success is the direct result of educators working collaboratively to improve instruction.   However, we have much more to accomplish and recognize that providing dedicated, consistent time for that work is imperative.

We recognize that the early release/late start schedule on Wednesdays may present challenges for some families.  We will communicate with local community organizations and childcare providers to ensure that they are prepared to provide services to families for an additional hour on Wednesdays.  Further, First Student can provide transportation to some day care providers after school on Wednesdays (please contact your school regarding the possibility of transportation).  We also recognize that time devoted to collaborative work results in improved student achievement and we appreciate the support from our families to provide this opportunity for our staff and ultimately, for our students. 


CENTRAL POINT ELEMENTARY Monday – Friday Wednesday
Kindergarten (extended day) 7:45 am     1:15 pm 7:45 am     1:15 pm
Grades 1 – 3 7:55 am       2:20 pm 7:55 am     1:20 pm
Grades 4 – 5 7:55 am       2:25 pm 7:55 am     1:25 pm
JEWETT ELEMENTARY Monday – Friday Wednesday
Kindergarten (full day) 7:55 am       2:20 pm 7:55 am       1:20 pm
Grades 1 – 3 7:55 am       2:20 pm 7:55 am       1:20 pm
Grades 4 – 5 7:55 am       2:25 pm 7:55 am       1:25 pm
RICHARDSON ELEMENTARY Monday – Friday Wednesday
Kindergarten (extended day) 7:55 am      1:30 pm 7:55 am      1:20 pm
Grades 1 – 3 7:55 am        2:20 pm 7:55 am       1:20 pm
Grades 4 – 5 7:55 am        2:25 pm 7:55 am       1:25 pm
PATRICK ELEMENTARY Monday – Friday Wednesday
Kindergarten (full day) 7:45 am        2:10 pm 7:45 am       1:10 pm
Grades 1 – 3 7:45 am        2:10 pm 7:45 am       1:15 pm
Grades 4 – 5 7:45 am        2:15 pm 7:45 am       1:15 pm
SAMS VALLEY ELEMENTARY Monday – Friday Wednesday
Kindergarten (full day) 7:45 am        2:10 pm 7:45 am       1:10 pm
Grades 1 – 3 7:45 am        2:10 pm 7:45 am       1:10 pm
Grades 4 – 5 7:45 am        2:15 pm 7:45 am      1:15 pm
HANBY MIDDLE SCHOOL Monday – Friday Wednesday
9:00 am        3:45 pm 10:00 am        3:45 pm
SCENIC MIDDLE SCHOOL 8:50 am        3:25 pm 9:50 am        3:25 pm
CRATER CAMPUS Monday – Friday Wednesday
7:50 am – Early Bird 8:50 am        3:45 pm 9:50 am         3:45 pm
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