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Special Education Coordinator


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Special Programs Data Specialist


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Caitrin Sevcik

School Psychologist


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Autism Specialist


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School Psychologist


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Ed Support for Psychologists


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School Nurse


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Early Childhood Evaluation


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School Nurse



Central Point School District No. 6 provides a continuum of programs to accommodate the needs of all students. There is a clear commitment of staff and resources to modify not only the curricular standards, but the environment, to provide genuine opportunities for all students to learn, engage themselves socially, and work towards a high school diploma. The two main divisions of this department arespecial education and alternative education.


Special education services for eligible disabled students are provided in all ten district schools, as well as the Headwaters Program. These programs are accessible to students qualifying as disabled under state and federal laws. Disabilities must be confirmed by an assessment provided by the district. Any child suspected of having a disability can be referred for testing by anybody, including the parent. Qualifying disabilities can range from speech and language concerns to much more serious impairments such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, chronic health concerns or autism.

Each school in the district has an educational resource classroom and speech/language services. Most disabilities can be accommodated in the child’s neighborhood school. Some low incidence and higher need disabilities are provided in targeted schools only. These programs can be accessed by students from any school, if appropriate. It is important to serve these students as close to the regular classroom curricula and non-disabled students as is appropriate and effective.

There are educational resource teachers, speech/language pathologists, school psychologists, occupational therapist, and autism consultants to provide support for students in our district.

In addition, there are eight site-based classrooms in the district for students requiring more of a self-contained special education academic experience. Some self-contained classrooms focus primarily on behavioral issues that have become a barrier for qualified students. STEPS, SAFE, and CARE classrooms for students with profound and/or multiple disabilities are provided by the Southern Oregon Education Service District at all grade levels. In addition, day-treatment programs for students with serious mental health issues are available for district students. All programs for eligible students are provided free of charge to the parents, including transportation. 

If you have a concern about a child’s performance that may be the result of a disability, including a preschool child, please contact your principal. He or she is very familiar with the process for responding to such a referral. 


An alternative education program is provided at the high school level through the Headwaters Program. The purpose of alternative education is to provide a high school environment for students at-risk of not graduating, and for other students that could profit from high school education in an alternative setting. Headwaters is located in the old Connections Building across the street from the main Crater campus.

The Headwaters Program runs under an alternative schedule that begins in the mid-afternoon and runs into the evening. The program is geared to provide instruction in core academic areas that leads to accrual of credits and progress toward graduation from Crater High School. In addition, elective credits are awarded for other classroom activities, including physical education, vocational preparation and industrial arts. Headwaters students maintain their affiliation with the three small schools comprising the Crater campus. Students are provided appropriate opportunities to enroll in regular Crater classes to enhance credit accrual, and provide an opportunity to re-integrate themselves into a regular high school schedule. Headwaters has been operating for several years now and has enhanced its close relationship with the Crater schools so that students have a greater opportunity to move between a regular and an alternative program schedule. This program has been very successful for students requiring an alternative program, with nearly 30 students graduating with a regular Crater diploma in its first year of operation.

Additionally, Headwaters runs a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation program for students appropriate for this alternative. Students are provided small group and individualized support in the GED preparation curriculum leading to the final diploma examinations. This has been a very popular program for students with significant credit deficiency difficulties.

Placement decisions for both of these alternative programs are made by the Student Study Teams in all three Crater Schools. Referrals for consideration can be made to the principal of the assigned school.


Central Point School District No. 6 provides accommodations and special education programs for qualified disabled students. These programs are provided through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Your child, or a child of your acquaintance, may be eligible for accommodations or special programming. The district maintains assessment resources to determine eligibility for these resources at no expense to the parents. If you are aware of a child with a potential disability, including children that may require speech or language services, please notify the local principal.