Rogue Primary Construction Delay
April 13, 2022

As we anticipate the opening of our new building, Rogue Primary School (RPS), Principal, Maggie Staley has already hosted a number of parent meetings for families interested in attending this new school. We have seen a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for this new and unique program.

The construction industry has been hard hit by supply chain and labor shortages throughout the pandemic and unfortunately construction here in the Rogue Valley has been impacted as well including D6 projects like Rogue Primary School.

The timeline to finish construction for a Fall 2022 opening of Rogue Primary is extremely tight and project managers and administration have been monitoring the construction progress. We are working closely with the contractors to manage the impacts of these supply chain delays and material shortages. While we continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain the schedule, the most recent challenges will likely affect our ability to start the school year on the Rogue Primary campus by the first day of school this fall.  

While delays are unfortunate, we believe it is critical to maintain D6 standards and open a school that is safe, welcoming and fully operational from Day 1.

In response to the likely delay, we will limit enrollment at Rogue Primary and begin the 2022-23 school year on the Central Point Elementary campus.   We have created a comprehensive plan to maintain the RPS cohort with the same teachers that will be at RPS, dedicated classrooms, and a commitment to the “We play to learn philosophy.”  We recognize this is not the preferred situation and every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience.

Rogue Primary will be an innovative and nurturing place for students and we look forward to welcoming families next year and for years to come.  For those of you that have applied, we hope you will continue to consider enrollment in RPS for your student(s).  If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Principal Maggie Staley.


Walt Davenport


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