Welcome to the 2021-22 school year
August 30, 2021

The 2021-2022 school year is upon us and we want to welcome you back to our campuses. We hope the summer break offered time for rest and relaxation and opportunities to reconnect with friends and engage in meaningful, fun learning experiences. With the beginning of the school year days away, our excitement continues to build as we diligently plan to welcome students and staff back to school in the safest, most practical way possible.

As an educator, there is nothing more energizing than a building full of kids along with innovative teachers. We are thrilled to be opening our doors to in person learning and a return to a full day, five day a week schedule. For those families considering an online option, we will offer remote learning through D6 ConnectEd. More information on that program can be found here. With added supports for students across the district and our strong partnership with LaClinica for counseling services, we are prepared to meet students’ needs whatever they may be.

In other exciting news, we have many new staff members as well as leadership changes at several of our schools, and we have made significant progress on improvements to our facilities. We look forward to the new ideas and fresh perspective these changes offer. Construction projects at many of our elementary schools have been underway throughout the summer, including much needed improvements to our heating and air conditioning systems, the primary focus during this phase of our bond project. We are anxious to see and feel those systems “come to life” in the coming weeks. It goes without saying that these improvements, made possible through the passage of our 2019 school bond, are overdo and we greatly appreciate the support of our community. If you are interested in additional information about the projects throughout our district, please visit our bond website.

Finally, please keep in mind that our plans remain fluid and subject to change by order of state and local agencies and the circumstances in our local community. It has never been more important to support each other and the reopening of our neighborhood schools. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters together. On behalf of all our schools, we wish you and your family continued good health and look forward to seeing you and your children in September.

Walt Davenport

*If you need to register or contact your child’s school for assistance, please click here for more information.