Central Point School District #6

D6 Update for the 2020-21 school year—your kids still come first for D6

Many of you have already learned that Governor Brown released minimum standards for reopening schools in Oregon—if school started next week under these requirements, Jackson County Schools, including the Central Point School District,  would not be able to open for most in-person instruction.  We continue to be committed to offering families choices that meet student needs and meet family needs, even If those choices look a little different.  Whether your family is facing challenges with childcare, or worries about your children wearing facial coverings, concerns that your child will miss the benefits of social-emotional development and learning that occur in classrooms, or making sure that your teenager has a rich and engaging high school experience, we share those concerns and we’re committed to addressing those needs in any way we can in these circumstances.

For tonight, if you already know that you would prefer full time “on-line” learning (facilitated by your child’s teacher and powered by Acellus), please consider completing this form.  There is still time for families to sign up for this option later (even much later!) but indicating your preference now will help us with planning and allow you to become familiar with the on-line program.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the plans we have and the possibilities for your student—some of those options will be available to you whether our schools are open or closed.  And, we will continue to monitor the COVID data that determines whether we open or close.  This is difficult, but we’re willing to think creatively and do whatever it takes to support D6 families.


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