Central Point School District #6

Preview of D6 Connected

March 25th, 2020 -5:30pm

Since the state mandated closure of all Oregon schools, the Central Point School District has been working to develop a robust, engaging and challenging distance learning program which we will launch on April1, 2020.

We have been in close contact with the Oregon Department of Education throughout as they develop guidelines and standards for remote learning in order to ensure these programs are in compliance with state and federal rules so that we can offer more than supplemental learning.

We are still awaiting some final guidance from the Oregon Department of Education before we launch our distance learning program, but we want to give you a preview of the main components of the program we are calling D6 Connected.

D6 Connected:

D6 connected is the District 6 plan to continue educating our students, serving our community and connecting our schools during this unprecedented shut down due to the novel Covid-19 virus.    The heart of D6 Connected is to give every D6 student access to meaningful and engaging remote learning.

Think of D6 Connected as a wheel with the comprehensive distance learning program in the middle and 6 spokes supporting it.  

There 6 major components or “spokes” to support this distance learning program:

  1. Single point of contact for EVERY student
  2. Tech support for students, staff and parents
  3. Academic support for students with special needs, including English Language Learners and Special Education
  4. Counseling, advising, mentorship and social emotional learning supports for elementary and secondary levels
  5. D6 Connected Express  – Using our idled buses to bring education and meals to the students.  60 daily stops! 
  6. Curriculum development and instruction by D6 teachers—our students will continue the school year with their current teachers, support staff and peers.

Once we have final approval from the Oregon Department of Education, we will officially launch D6 Connected with a special site on our web page with all of the details.  We will also host a Facebook live event in the coming days to answer any questions you may have.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at samantha.steele@district6.org or 541-494-6201 (office) or 541-840-5644 (cell).


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