Central Point School District #6

Updates to test results for lead levels in D6 schools

April 20, 2017

Results of our follow up tests for faucets which exceeded EPA limits during our 2nd round of testing in December are listed below. These tests, along with future tests, are part of the District’s protocol to locate the sources of lead. Remedies to correct lead levels which exceed EPA limits may include replacement of fixtures, the addition of filters, and/or other plumbing projects.  Alternative sources of water may be supplied if plumbing work cannot be completed in time for school.  This process represents our commitment to provide our students and staff with water which meet standards set by the EPA.

Test Results_3rd Round_Jewett Elementary

Test Results_3rd Round_Mae Richardson Elementary

Test Results_3rd Round_Patrick Elementary

Test Results_3rd Round_Scenic Middle School

Test Results_3rd Round_District Office

Test Results_3rd Round_Central Point Elementary

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