Central Point School District 6

Jewett Elementary

Food Services



All students are presented with a free breakfast to start their day. The breakfast program is optional.  If your child wishes to have their breakfast at school the breakfast is available from 7:30 – 7:55 in the cafeteria.  This is a great program that insures every student get off on the right foot.


All students are presented with a free lunch (Drink included).  The lunch program is optional and available during the students scheduled lunch time.  This is a great program that insures every student get a healthy meal.


Adult Breakfast w/milk $1.85

Sibling Breakfast w/milk $1.50

Adult Lunch w/milk $3.50

Sibling Lunch w/milk $2.05

Milk or Juice .50

Cookie .25

Sherbet  .50

We do not allow milk or juice to be charged.

We also have a “No Thank You” bucket available. If a child gets a sealed item (banana, cheese stick, milk, juice) and decides they don’t want it, they can put it in the “no thank you” bucket for another child to have a choice of. A child who brings a lunch from home may access this option as well!
I don’t have a way to make change for purchases. Parents can write a check or pay cash. If change from a cash purchase, it will be applied to the child’s account for which they belong.

Monthly Menus and additional information click on the district link below: