Central Point School District 6

Hanby Middle School

Athletic Forms and Info

Hanby Athletics


  1. Physicals – required every 2 years: Sports Physical Form
  2. AAPP Emergency/Insurance – required every year: Emergency Form
  3. Code of Conduct – required every year:  Athletic Code of Conduct
  4. Pay to Play – $50.00 charge for each sport with a $100 cap. All fees are paid to the bookkeepers.


Valid proof that the athlete is insured is necessary. Either a copy of the family insurance card or complete insurance information on the AAPP form is needed.-

  1. School insurance is available.-
  2.  Parents are responsible for reporting medical or insurance changes to the school.


  1. The athlete must present the above completed and signed forms to the office.
  2. The athlete may not practice until the paperwork is cleared at the office.
  3. When it has been determined that the athlete also meets the academic requirements of the school, then that athlete would be eligible for game/event participation.
  4. Pay to Play has been arranged with book keepers through paid in full accounts or payment plans.

Academic Requirement:

  • All Student-Athletes must pass all classes. They need to maintain a “C” average in order to remain eligible for competition. A student failing two or more classes will miss remaining contests until grades show at most one failing class. Weekly grade checks and attendance will be monitored and communicated to coaches.


  • If an injury does occur while competing in sports, a doctors note is required following the injury. Before the athlete can return to competition, he/she needs to get a doctors note clearing them of the injury and able to return to physical activity.



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