Central Point School District 6

Hanby Middle School



Please complete all paperwork prior to volleyball camp and practice so that your child can participate.

Required paperwork prior to volleyball practice:
*School Sports Pre-Participation Examination – Two-sided form/good for 2 years
*Athletic/Activities Participation Permit/Permission – Insurance/Code of Conduct Form
Two-sided form/good for 1 year – Requirement: Copy of insurance card
*School Insurance – Available for those uninsured
*Hanby Athletic Payment Plan – Form completed each year/prior to September 8th – if unable to pay in full,
complete form to make payment arrangements. The pay-to-participate form will be available in August.
The fees for 2018 – 2019 will be $50 per student with a $100 cap.

For more information, please call Cheryl Johnson in the Hanby School Office at (541) 494-6809.