Central Point School District #6

Information about school closures and delays

We value instructional time and will delay or close schools only when transportation to or from our schools is deemed unsafe.  When inclement weather is predicted, Deena Engberg (our First Student manager) and I will be in nearly constant communication.  She will be out on the roads by 5:00 am to determine bus safety.   Ultimately, we determine whether or not it is safe to transport students to and from our schools.  Sometimes, this means that schools are open and we operate “snow routes” and sometimes it means that conditions may seem great in town, but are bad enough in rural areas to warrant a delay or closure.

The following is our communication protocol for school delays or closure:

  • District 6 staff will receive an email with the details of the delay or closure, immediately following the decision.
  • Approximately 15 minutes after notification to staff, Deena Engberg will notify the media with delay or closure information, along with any changes in bus routes.  We will also ensure that the District website and the District Facebook pages are updated at the same time that media is notified.
  • If you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me directly: samantha.steele@district6.org  541.494.6201 (office)  541.840.5644 (cell).


First Student has already prepared for winter driving conditions as higher elevation routes have buses with automatic drop chains and drivers have been trained in safe driving procedures for rain, snow, fog and ice.  Drivers have already had “chaining class” and “snow training,” so they are well prepared for winter driving.

My weather wish is that the snow will fall heavily in the mountains all winter, but only on the valley floor for Christmas day and the occasional weekend afternoon—enough to facilitate snowman construction.