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Address: 450 South 4th St.
Central Point, OR 97502
Phone: (541) 494-6500
Fax: (541) 664-1147
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School Hours
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:
Kindergarten: 7:45-1:15
Grades 1-3: 7:55-2:20
Grades 4-5: 7:55-2:25

*Wednesdays are early release (Except for Kindergarten).  Dismissal is 1 hour earlier than regular school days for grades 1-5. Grades 1-3: 1:20  Grades 4-5: 1:25

***ARRIVAL TIME***Students must NOT arrive before 7:30am.***STUDENTS ARE ILL OR ABSENT*** Please call the office at 541-494-6500Kids Health Connection at Jewett brings the doctor’s office into the school so children can be seen by a medical provider right when they need care and without missing school.  Click HERE to find out more information.

School Supply List 2017-2018 and Registration Information

June 19th, 2017 by admin

CPE 2017-2018 School Supply List and Registration Information

Marble Season Is Here!

May 8th, 2017 by admin

Marble Season is in full swing at CPE!  It’s not all fun and games – students are learning about cooperation and sportsmanship too.

If students don’t have marbles, they can purchase them from PBIS.

The Fun Continues in CPE’s Makers Lab!

February 7th, 2017 by admin

Students at CPE have been learning and practicing the basic use of hand tools in our Makers Lab. Righty Tighty….Lefty Loosey…. Metric and Standard…. Flat Head….Phillips Head…. Our vocabulary is expanding every day. Special thanks to Dan Speasl for donating an air compressor to our lab. We appreciate the support.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Notification (SBAC)

January 12th, 2017 by admin

What is Smarter Balanced?

In the 2014-15 school year, Oregon joined twelve other states to use the Smarter Balanced Assessment tests for their mandatory state assessments. These standardized tests assess how well students are mastering content in key subject areas aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Students in grades 3-8 and 11 take the Smarter Balanced English language arts (ELA) and math tests. The Smarter Balanced English language arts assessment measures how well students have mastered English language arts skills including reading, writing, and critical thinking. The Smarter Balanced mathematics assessment measures how well students have mastered math skills and concepts. Smarter Balanced Assessments are taken in the Spring.The Smarter Balanced Assessments are administered online for greater accuracy in scoring and greater range in the types of questions and responses that can be asked and measured. 

What if I don’t want my child to participate in Smarter Balanced?

Parents who wish to opt their student(s) out of Smarter Balanced testing should complete the opt-out form below and return to the school. 

2016-2017 English Notification available here and at school registration in August                                     2016-2017 English Opt-Out form (complete and return to school by February 1, 2017)

2016-2017 Spanish Notification available here and at school registration in August                                    2016-2017 Spanish Opt-Out form (complete and return to school by February 1, 2017)

Makers Lab 101

December 12th, 2016 by admin

Our Makers Space is up and running… Today, Christian and Cole replaced a broken screen on a laptop.  Great job kids!  This is just the start of using this space to keep kids engaged and promote our core values at CPE.  Stay tuned for more great accomplishments by our students.

Kindergarten Musical

December 6th, 2016 by admin

The Kindergarten and First Grade Students in

Mrs. Collom’s Breakout Class

will be performing…


Please join us on

Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m.

In the CPE Gymnasium

Report Cards Coming Home…December 6th.

December 5th, 2016 by admin


Trimester 1 report cards are coming home with students on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.  We usually deliver report cards during conference time, but due to early goal setting conference times this year report cards are being sent home with students.  If you have any questions about the grades, please contact your child’s teacher.  We look forward to reporting on specific progress towards the goals set in October during spring conferences.  Thank you.

Makers Lab @ CPE

December 5th, 2016 by admin

makers-labWe recently installed a “Makers Lab” in our library area at CPE.  This area will promote student engagement, encourage collaboration, allow creativity and develop a sense of purpose.  There is a 3D printer, hand tools, bicycle repair station, video production equipment, sewing machine, Lego robotics and a drone.  Over the course of the next few months, students and staff will begin utilizing this space with kids.  If you have special skills or knowledge that might benefit students in our makers space, please contact Mr. Davenport (walt.davenport@district6.org).  We are looking for adult leaders, craftsmen and experts that can help us get kids excited about their future education and world they will be contributing to.

**We are looking for donations of new bicycle tubes (size 20, 24, & 26 inch) and patch kits.  Due to strong interest, students have been learning how to repair their own tubes/tires.  Some are bringing their bikes from home asking for help with repair.  This is a great opportunity to develop mechanical skills and give students a chance to problem solve with their peers.  Please consider donating supplies for this activity.


Practice “Lock Down” Drill

December 2nd, 2016 by admin


Dear Parents,

Yesterday at CPE, we had a Lock Down Drill.  A “ Lock Down,” which I know sounds very ominous, is simply when students and their teachers are inside their classrooms with their doors locked.  This is a safety procedure that is required of all schools and many other public facilities to ensure that all students and staff are safely inside the building during any kind of emergency that may happen around the campus or in the community. This is a drill that we have every year to practice these procedures, along with monthly fire drills, and earthquake drills, as part of our school safety plan.  Students have practiced procedures with their teachers before the actual drill to ensure that they will not be afraid or anxious.  We want students to be confident in case of a real emergency.

Thank you,

Walt Davenport


After School Ski Program

November 28th, 2016 by admin


After School Ski Program (MRE, CPE, JES & Scenic)

Flier & Additional Information-  ski-program-announcement

After School Ski Program (MRE, CPE, JES & Scenic)-

Thank you for your interest in the After School Ski Program.  Unfortunately, the program is now full and a waitlist has been generated.  We hope to grow the program in the future to accommodate more students.